What's New
Welcome to my site, I’m Chris De Santis. I’m an independent organizational behavior practitioner focusing on improving productivity and commitment in the workplace. This web site will give you an idea of who I am, the work that I do, and my areas of expertise.

The navigation bar will take you to different pages within the site you might find useful, interesting, or hopefully both.

In no particular order the site contains my Resume, listing my areas of expertise, my educational background and my work experience.

A major aspect of the site is the
Lectures page that gives you a sense of the topics I address
including such areas as generational differences, emotional intelligence, dealing with change, gender differences, feedback, and leadership to name a few.

First Job Answers is a unique aspect of the site and it is intended for young professionals who are just starting their first professional gig. Using video clips I address questions young professionals may have and some thoughts on what to do.

The Snippets page contains video excerpts from a custom built workshop on mentoring. It addresses thoughts on a variety of topics folded into this client event.

An ongoing endeavor, Insights is a collection of thoughts, blogs, reviews, and references that I have found interesting, made comment on, or written, and wish to share.