The Services I provide are in response to the work I have done on behalf of clients over the years. I take the time to understand each client’s needs and desired outcome and then do my best to provide them with the appropriate solution from the following repertoire of skills.

One of my key skills is that of a Speaker


The topics listed in my lecture page are topics in which I speak either internally, at retreats, or as a keynote. The lectures are set pieces that can be somewhat customized to fit the audience needs and the event timeframes.

addressing audiences on a variety of topics which can be found in the Lecture section of my website. My speaking engagements have ranged from a handful of C-suite executives to audiences as large as two thousand conference goers.

After speaking I am often asked to take a deeper dive on said topic within a client organization. As a


My role as a consultant would be to create and deliver customized interventions for businesses and organizations based of solving specific human performance challenges.

I transition from the speaker’s role of providing awareness to problem solving and subsequently building skills in support of achieving better performance.

During the course of consulting engagements I am occasionally asked to create or assist in the design of
Bespoke Workshops

Bespoke Workshops

Rather than provide clients with a one size fits all solution, I tailor my workshops to not only the needs of the client but also consider the client culture to determine what solution is most appropriate to how they choose to learn.

These events are extensions of the topics in which I have expertise that are customized to meet client requirements. They can vary in length from a few hours to a few days depending on client needs and expectations.

My contributions as a Facilitator


My role in this capacity is highly dependent on the needs of the groups. I have and can MC events, facilitate meetings and activities, and have a certification in running focus groups.

dovetail with my work as a consultant, the difference being the content and the process in which I engage are typically at the client’s behest. I facilitate goal driven meetings exploring and surfacing specific client issues.

Having accumulated thirty-five plus years of experience of working on performance issues I am comfortable in the role of Muse


I would consider myself different than a coach in that while I am willing and able to listen and guide, I am also well informed and willing to share my perspective of individual and systemic issues affecting productivity and commitment.

. Unlike a coach I am not necessarily intent on changing someone’s behavior but rather I prefer to share my perspective and act as a sounding board. I strive to create a safe space to have a conversation that results in useful and actionable insights.